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Welcome to Promar Ltd. Network

Established in 1990 as a Manning Agency, “Promar” has gained an impeccable reputation for conducting its business with integrity and for respecting all those whom our activities might concern.
While safeguarding and maintaining the good name and reputation of “Promar”, our behavior in all business aspects is guided by Principals focus, professionalism, innovation, commitment to excellence, mutual respect and teamwork.

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In today’s rapidly changing world, “Promar” persists with two standing issues-providing safe, socially friendly services of consistent quality to both its Clients and Principals, and ensuring compliance with the Contractual obligation, In
ternational/National regulations and recommendations.

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The qualified services, provided by “Promar” , are based on a well-structured organization with clearly defined duties, responsibilities, competence and training.
Our office team is experienced in the duties we perform and each separate member contributes to the high standards we set to ourselves. “Promar” has many years of vast experience in recruiting crew members for various types of vessels, e.g Container Carriers, Bulk Carriers, Tankers.
Presently we have crew members under contract on more than 30 foreign Shipowners’ vessels.

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Throughout the years, “Promar” has gathered reputation for excellence, based on the quality of the Bulgarian seafarers. Most of our Masters, Officers and Engineers are graduates of the Internationally Recognized Marine Academy in Varna. All sea staff recruited by our company holds valid certificates, licenses, endorsements and all other necessary documents required by STCW’2010, MLC 2006 and IMO.
It is this commitment to people, innovation and quality control, that has allowed “Promar” to become one of leading Manning Companies on the Bulgarian Seafares’ Market.

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We are constantly improving the quality of our services. We were successfully certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 requirements and have received the DNV Certificate. It is Promar’s policy to select for the Principals only seafarers of high professional quality, the relevant levels of education, training, experience and English language literacy, and holding all required documents in compliance with all International Conventions, Codes and regulations.